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Eco-Crayon Sticks (10 pack)


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These Eco Kids Eco-Crayon Sticks are handmade from beeswax, soy wax, and stearic acid (naturally occurring fatty acid).  

Bright, bold, and beautiful colors are poured into these three-sided crayon molds which ensure that the sticks don't roll away as your child is creating their work of art!

Why we love Eco Kids: they are a family run business, focused on creating in a way that’s both earth and kid-friendly. All of their products are made using non-GMO flour, organic fruit extracts, and cream of tartar, FDA approved soy-based inks.

Bonus: their packaging is made of FDA certified paper, and printed in a wind-powered factory using soy-based inks. We love that they’re taking the steps to reduce their footprint wherever they can!

Made in USA