Long Sleeve Knit Dress


Long Sleeve Knit Dress is as versatile as can be—perfect for everyday and appropriate for dressier occasions. It can be worn with tights for added warmth or worn all on its own. In 100% certified organic cotton, the silhouette is a simple a-line, making it loose and comfy. This pull-over style, without buttons or snaps, has a ribbed collar for easy on and off dressing.

Naturally hand-dyed.

Natural dyeing is about the process.

It’s about the time. It’s about the intention.

We used dried flowers, skins, seeds, and botanicals from the earth, and by playing with PH levels we are always amazed to see what happens.
Mother nature breathes, responds to touch, warmth, interaction, wants to be fed, to rest, respected, not overworked, it seeks connection.
So many shades can come from one plant source. Nature is magic